March 3, 2009

Michael Jordan

Is there anyone out there who really doesn't know who Michael Jordan is? Well, except maybe Lehf, because she was still in diapers when he was hot stuff. And all the babies that followed... Ok, well, this man is so admirable the way he handled that court time after time was inspiring. I only wished I could have seen him play live. At least I got to see Brazil play the Netherlands in the 1994 FIFA World Cup USA. Remember the logo?

Anyway, I digress. MJ. Yes. Statue in Chicago... done and done. Check out my pics!


  1. What a jerkface! YES I know who michael jordan is and YES i was alive (and remember) his basketball career. PS those statues are awesome :)

  2. HAHAHAHA I'm younger than Lehf and I know MJ too :) But then again, I know a lot about sports! But I'm glad to see she's defended herself already! hahaha

    PS - AWESOME statues!

  3. Lehf and I had a convo about this in my old office... things that she is too young to remember! LOL. Hugs.

  4. Hahahahahhaa,Lehf got owned by Ivette's blog. Nice Ivette!