February 2, 2009

Introduccíon y Bienvenida

Hello and welcome to my blog, my photo blog. I am not a professional photographer, nor do I want to be, but I take "good enough for me" pictures that I hope you will also enjoy. I love pictures, but I love most what they do - they provide a glimpse into someone and their life and enlighten you to a place you've never seen before. They invoke memories and peak curiosity. They can sometimes capture perfect moments.

I wanted to do something more with my pictures than just create online albums that can be too personal to post for the entire world, or too specific to matter to all. I thought this blog would be the perfect way to share what I want, when I want, without any rhyme or reason. Well, maybe some.

I thought it fitting that the first picture be of me!

I am God knows how old (I really don't have a clue, 2 years old? I mean, it doesn't even seem like I can stand on my own) with my uncle, "Tato". Estamos en México, probablemente en el rancho de mis abuelos. Don't you just love the shoe accessories?


  1. Que bueno! Tendras fotos de mi fiesta de cumpleanos esta viernes?! Espero que you will!

  2. Ohh your so damn adorable!! Look at those cheeks! Love your blog idea :)

  3. You are a sweetie pie! I'm excited to become a loyal blog reader :-)

  4. Looks so easy and your such a natural blog writer. Hmmm still thinking of mine. And I also like that I can see more pics of you!