February 17, 2009

Dear Cyclists, Please Share the Road

Ok... let's take a look and examine what is going on here. I am in my car, trying to get to work ON TIME and lo and behold, this person is neither on or off the AUTOMOBILE lane. I cannot pass him! I must bite the bullet and wait. And since I am RIGHT BEHIND him I get to watch all the other cars pass me, and pass him, and get in front of him so they can go on their merry way. You know what I'm talking about. I'm all about cyclists and bicycles and sharing the road, but... I don't think that this is one of those instances; it should not apply on 6th St. during rush hour traffic. Not like this anyway. Please, pedal on the sidewalk or on your own bike lane (which are usually on the RIGHT hand side anyway). Bad form, cyclist John Doe! Bad form!


  1. I definately AGREE!! Yeah, they are able to do their thing, and thats fine, but they are not above anyone or any rule. Just be curtious to everyone else around you too. Hate to say it, but if you would've tried to pass and it p'ed them off, you would've never heard the end of it. We have the same issue with motorcycles here where I live, they've actually have gone BETWEEN 2 cars to pass them! ok, enough venting....

  2. I hear ya! Although, what if he was about to turn left on Congress (since Brazos is one way and he can't turn left there)? That could explain why he was on the left side of the street. Regardless, he should have opted for the sidewalk--no one ever uses that sidewalk because it smells like dirty 6th pee and vom, so he wouldn't risk running into a pedestrian.

  3. Trying one more time!! I agree that this cyclist is either suicidal or stupid or both! I personally prefer to ride my bike on the sidewalk to avoid becoming Austin roadkill!